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Keyword Planner: Advance Keyword Research Free Tool

1234bizz Keyword Planner: Advance Keyword Research Free Tool

If you are a writer or a blogger who wants to do keyword research before you create content, and you’re on a budget, you should use the free Keyword Research Tool by 1234bizz.

Keyword Planner: Advance Keyword Research Free Tool

It’s free, easy-to-use, and highly accurate. Our keyword finder uses Google Auto suggestions to generate a list of related keywords for any topic in any niche.

The algorithm helps you get the best keywords for your website or blog. And it’s the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner, and it’s because the data is directly coming from Google.

Know the Monthly Search Volume with 1234bizz Keyword Planner for Free

You can use this as a free tool to help you prioritize your content. It's extremely valuable to consider the monthly search volume for your keywords when you are doing research for your blog. 

Keyword Planner: Advance Keyword Research Free Tool

That way, you can determine which keywords you should be focusing on, and where. Other things being equal, you would like to focus on the highest search volume keyword first. But, you would also like to take into account other factors such as the competition for that keyword.

Prioritize Keywords by Discovering CPC with 1234bizz Keyword Planner

CPC is the cost per click. It’s the amount paid to the ad platform (Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, etc.) for every customer who clicks on your ad. Keyword research is the first step toward optimizing your ads.

Keyword Planner: Advance Keyword Research Free Tool

Once you know the keywords people are using to find what you are selling, you can create more effective ads and landing pages. The Cost-Per-Click (CPC) tells you how much it costs to get a specific word or phrase on top of a Google Ads.

Keyword Planner: Advance Keyword Research Free Tool by 1234bizz is a good tool to understand the value and competitiveness of certain keywords.

Advance Keyword Research Free Tool (The Best Hassle-Free Alternative to Google Keyword Planner)

You can find out what people are searching for by running a Google Ads campaign. But you shouldn't be put off by the cost of the campaign. And that costs you money, and however, it should not put you off.

You can get almost the exact search volume for your keywords in 1234bizz. The best Google Planner alternative to finding your keywords is by using our Keyword Research Tool. It's all free.

With 1234Bizz, you can find out the exact monthly search volume for your chosen keywords and other related keywords. 

This gives you a better understanding of how many people are actually searching for what you are selling. And you don't have to click on hundreds of ads to find out this info. 

One of the best ways to find your keywords is to use our Keyword Research Tool. It has lots of great features we’ll reveal later.

Let’s get started by understanding how it works so that you can trust using it.

How Keyword Planner: Advance Keyword Research Free Tool Works

Google Suggestions is an extremely valuable feature of Google Search. The purpose is to speed up the search process for the users. Our Keyword Research Tool helps you hone the power of Suggest in seconds. 
But then you may wonder why you should use it in the first place when you can use the Suggest feature by itself.

Well, you need to use our tool because it speeds up the process and saves you time. If so, the only way you’re going to succeed is by making people visit your website or blog. Let’s get to know how it works now.

The Keyword Planner: Advance Keyword Research Free Tool is a tool that helps you find the right keywords for your website. Let’s take a look at how it works now.

1. Open The Keyword Planner: Advance Keyword Research Free Tool

2. Insert Your Targeted keyword

3. Click on Search Button to See results

The tool then searches Google and reveals the amount of monthly volume, how much paid competition there is, and the average CPC (cost-per-click).

From there, you decide if those keywords are a good fit for your blog or website. The real magic happens as you search your seed keyword.

The Importance of Targeted Keyword Usage (Keep Checking 1234bizz Keyword Planner for free)

Keywords are another very important aspect of SEO. If a consumer is searching for a product online, they are bound to use keywords related to the product. So it is important your website contains the keywords that will rank your business top on the search page. 

For instance, if your business sells lipsticks, the obvious keyword phrases will include best shades of lipsticks, matte, long-lasting lipstick on discount, etc. You may also want to target a specific customer base with your use of keywords. Google Ads is a great place to start your keywords research. An example of a longtail keyword is “matte lipsticks suitable for vegans.” 

This means that a consumer would have to type or think about “matte lipsticks suitable for vegans” in order to find your website/s that contains this information. A good keyword phrase for an SEO campaign would be: "Buy Brand Name Products Online at Lowest Price." That's a longtail keyword phrase and it has much less competition than a shorter version such as: "Buy Brand Name Products Online.

What is a Targeted keyword anyway?

A target keyword refers to one word or phrase that best summarizes specific content or article or webpage about the query topic.

Your targeted keyword is almost always should be a long-tailed keyword. It’s easier to rank for and will give you more profit.  

It’s easier to rank for and will give you more profit. Look at how much search that keyword gets. 

For example, if your targeted keyword is “make money online”, your list of related keywords might look like this: 

how to.make money online    
how to make money online
how to make money at home
how to make money home    
how to make money in home    
how to make money from home    
how to earn money online
make money online from home    
make money online fast    
how to get free paypal money    
make money online paypal    
make money online now    
make money online reddit
make money online with google    
make money online free
make money online instantly

You'll also learn how to drill down even further to see the exact words people are using to search for what you're offering. It's super-duper important to know!

Why Use Keyword Planner: Advance Keyword Research Free Tool by 1234bizz

Are you still not convinced? OK, then take a look at the benefits you enjoy while using our Keyword Planner: Advance Keyword Research Free Tool

Once you use our tool a few times, you'll find it invaluable. Not only will you discover which keywords are most profitable, but you'll also discover the top benefits you get when you use our tool.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Amazing Benefits You'll Enjoy While Using Our Tool...

Use Hassle-Free 1234bizz Keyword Planner. No Signup, No Credit Card  Required!

For using our keyword research tool you don’t have to pay anything or create an account. It’s free and always will be. Plus, using the tool saves tons of time. All you have to do is go to our Keyword Research Tool and use it!

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